The Model X5 - Designed without compromise. 

To make the most powerful light, we started with the most powerful light source.

The X5 is able to harness over 4 times the LED power of the next leading competitor, delivering more than 350,000 lux over an adjustable 5 to 1.75 inch spot diameter.           

Evolution is everything... the X5's next generation LED operates at 50% higher performance than previous technologies allowing you to operate longer at max power.

Power when you need it. The X5 has adjustable brightness levels from 1 to 10, allowing you to dial in the intensity depending on your needs.




At 1.7 oz, the X5 is not only the most powerful, but also the lightest luminaire on the market, LED or Fiber Optic.


 Light weight thermal composite surrounds cutting edge optics and precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 


Adjustable links give unlimited articulation over loupes to place light right where you want it.


Mobile phones... Electric Vehicles... the days of being tethered by technology are behind us.  

On average, a surgeon changes sides 5 times during a surgery for the ideal surgical approach. The X5's wireless design allows completely untethered mobility throughout the operating room.

The X5's travel case is a perfect addition to your mobile world.  The light weight traveler moves from the office to the operating room and holds everything you need for your next case... without being tied down.



Intelligent Power

Audible notifications, haptic feedback and visual indicators alert support staff (and you) when the battery is nearing depletion. This allows ample time for a circulator to drop in a new pack when it is most convenient.  

When it is time to change your battery, another will be fully charged and ready for action. With a 3 hour charge time, the wall mountable X-Series Supercharger brings a battery back to full charge quickly. Chargers snap together in modular arrangements, allowing you to charge as many batteries as needed.

Sterile Field Pocket Switch

For the moments when light is not needed, simply suspend the operation of the light by pressing the scrub chest pocket switch with a gloved hand through your surgical gown. Then resume when needed without re-gloving. 


Technical Specifications (at a glance)





Brightness                                          350,000 LUX

Luminaire weight                             1.7oz

Luminaire spot size                          5''-1.75''

Cord Length                                      4.75ft

Headband Weight                             6.2oz and 8.2oz

Battery holster weight                      6.1oz

Battery weight (Standard)                8oz 

Battery weight (Extended)               16oz 

Battery runtime (Standard)              3hr

Battery runtime (Extended)             6hr 

Charge time (Both)                           3 hours

Hot-swappable                                  Yes







Up to three year unlimited warranty on Luminare, Battery Holster, Supercharger and energy cells.

Extended warranty available.


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