The X5 has changed my life in the operating room as a busy plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. It’s comfort on my head is unmatched with all the others that I have tried over the years. The light is the strongest and most illumination I have ever seen or experience in a battery powered head light. It was a definite upgrade for me that I didn’t realize I needed but so happy I got one. Some things we can’t live without in the operating room and my X5 and my music are my top two.

— Dr. Andrew Cohen, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills, California

I recently had the opportunity to trial the new portable headlight made by Ronin Surgical. I, along with surgeons from different specialties, found the headlight to be far superior to any light we had previously used. It is lightweight, adjustable and very comfortable. The single battery pack lasted through a 3 1/2-hour case and the weight of the pack was not noticeable. The light itself was brighter than the standard tower light and, in fact, I had to turn the brightness down a bit. The added remote switch is also a bonus. I have used three other portable headlights and this product is the best by far.

— Dr. Daniel Jaffurs, MD, PhD, Orange, California

The Ronin X5 combines the best features of all of the headlights that I have tried previously. It is by far the brightest and most comfortable headlight and has the most versatility in terms of light positioning, yet still maintains a low profile. What the X5 expertly accomplishes is the ability to quickly become a tool that you cannot do without. My co-residents, and even faculty, quickly became jealous of my new “toy!”

— Dr. Rebecca Hoffman, MD, MSCE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reliable performance in a silent,

comfortable, easy to use headlight.

— Dr. Dan Schaerer, MD, ENT, San Diego, California

This is brighter than our tower lights and

incredibly light.

— Dr. Andrew G., MD, Brooklyn, New York

This is the perfect headlight for any surgical resident. First, it is extremely bright so functions both as a tool for emergency department bedside procedures, and is also bright enough for use in the operating room. This headlight is brighter than any other portable headlight I’ve encountered. Having a portable headlight as a surgical resident is incredibly beneficial. Not being tethered to a wall allows you to easily move around attending, be a more effective assistant, and have the flexibility in position to take the lead on the case. The battery is easy to exchange and can be performed during surgery by your circulating nurse. Last but not least, this headlight is shockingly light and comfortable. I could not be happier with my purchase and highly recommend it to all surgical residents!

— Dr. Melissa Mueller, MD, Orange County, California

After testing several headlamps I chose the Ronin. It is definitely lighter which made it much more comfortable to wear all day. The ronin head lamp was also the brightest out of all the headlamps that I tested. If you are looking for a comfortable yet super bright headlamp I would recommend the Ronin x5.

— Dr. Carlos Alexander, MD, Memphis, Tennessee